Kyrgyz State Medical Academy

Affiliation and Recognition

Recognized by FAIMER, Central Ministry of Science & Education of Kyrgyzstan
WHO approved

About Kyrgyz State Medical Academy , Kyrgyzstan

Kyrgyz State Medical Academy (KSMA) is a prestigious educational institution situated in Bishkek, the capital city of Kyrgyzstan. Established in 1939 as the Kyrgyz State Medical Institute, it has been a pioneer in providing medical education and training to students from Kyrgyzstan and various other countries.

With a rich history spanning several decades, KSMA has gained recognition and respect both domestically and internationally. The academy is accredited by several reputable international organizations and is listed in the World Directory of Medical Schools, further validating its reputation as a credible institution for medical education.

KSMA offers a comprehensive range of medical programs, including undergraduate and postgraduate courses in various disciplines such as medicine, dentistry, nursing, pharmacy, and more. The academy is committed to maintaining high academic standards and ensuring that students receive a quality education that meets international benchmarks.

The faculty at KSMA consists of experienced and qualified professors, doctors, and researchers who are dedicated to imparting knowledge and fostering a supportive learning environment. The academy emphasizes a combination of theoretical education, practical training, and research opportunities to equip students with the necessary skills and competencies required in the medical field.

In terms of infrastructure, KSMA boasts modern facilities and state-of-the-art laboratories that enable students to gain practical experience in anatomy, physiology, biochemistry, microbiology, and other essential medical disciplines. Additionally, the academy may have well-equipped lecture halls, a library with extensive medical resources, and simulation centers to enhance learning and clinical training.

As a leading medical institution, KSMA recognizes the importance of international collaboration and often engages in academic partnerships and exchange programs with renowned universities and institutions worldwide. This enables students to benefit from a global perspective and cultural diversity within their educational experience.

In conclusion, Kyrgyz State Medical Academy is an esteemed institution in Kyrgyzstan, known for its longstanding commitment to medical education. Through its comprehensive programs, qualified faculty, modern facilities, and international recognition, KSMA provides students with a solid foundation for a successful medical career.

Academics and Programs at Kyrgyz State Medical Academy

Kyrgyz State Medical Academy (KSMA) offers a range of academic programs in medicine, dentistry, and nursing, catering to undergraduate and graduate students. The academy consists of six faculties, namely General Medicine, Pediatrics, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Nursing, and Postgraduate Education, each focusing on specific areas of healthcare education.

The General Medicine faculty at KSMA is the largest and most popular among students. It offers a comprehensive six-year program leading to a Doctor of Medicine (MD) degree. This program equips students with the knowledge and skills necessary to become competent medical professionals. The curriculum covers various medical disciplines, including anatomy, physiology, biochemistry, pathology, pharmacology, clinical medicine, and more.

In addition to the General Medicine program, KSMA provides undergraduate programs in Dentistry and Nursing. The Dentistry program focuses on dental health and oral care, preparing students to become skilled dentists. The Nursing program trains students to provide compassionate and evidence-based nursing care in various healthcare settings.

KSMA also offers postgraduate programs for practicing physicians who wish to specialize in a particular field or advance their careers. These postgraduate programs cover disciplines such as surgery, internal medicine, pediatrics, obstetrics and gynecology, neurology, psychiatry, and others. The postgraduate programs at KSMA are designed to provide in-depth knowledge and advanced training to medical professionals, enabling them to become specialists in their respective fields.

The academic programs at KSMA emphasize a combination of theoretical education, practical training, and clinical experiences. The faculty members are experienced professionals who are dedicated to delivering quality education and mentoring students. The academy places a strong emphasis on research and encourages students to engage in scientific inquiry and scholarly activities.

Overall, Kyrgyz State Medical Academy offers a diverse range of academic programs in medicine, dentistry, and nursing, catering to the educational needs of aspiring healthcare professionals. With its well-structured curriculum, experienced faculty, and opportunities for specialization, KSMA provides students with a solid foundation to pursue successful careers in the medical field.

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Facilities at Kyrgyz State Medical University, Kyrgyzstan

Kyrgyz State Medical University (KSMU) in Kyrgyzstan is equipped with modern facilities and infrastructure to support teaching and research activities. Here are some of the facilities commonly found at KSMU:

  •   Library: KSMU has a well-equipped library with a vast collection of medical books, textbooks, reference materials, and journals. The library serves as a valuable resource for students and faculty members for their academic and research needs.
  •   Laboratories: The university has state-of-the-art laboratories that facilitate practical training and research in various fields of medicine. These laboratories, including microbiology, biochemistry, and anatomy labs, provide students with hands-on experience and opportunities to develop practical skills.
  •   Campus: KSMU has a spacious campus with multiple buildings housing lecture halls, administrative offices, and other facilities. The campus is designed to create a conducive learning environment for students.
  •   Dormitories: The university provides accommodation facilities in dormitories for both local and international students. These dormitories are equipped with necessary amenities to ensure a comfortable stay for students.
  •   Cafeteria: KSMU has a cafeteria or dining hall where students can have their meals. It offers a variety of food options to cater to diverse dietary preferences.
  •   Sports Facilities: The university recognizes the importance of physical well-being and provides sports facilities for students to engage in recreational activities. These may include sports grounds, gyms, and other sports facilities to promote a healthy lifestyle.
  •   Medical Clinic: KSMU may have an on-campus medical clinic or health center where students can receive medical care and support. This facility ensures that students have access to healthcare services conveniently.
  • Faculty at Kyrgyz State Medical University, Kyrgyzstan

    The faculty members at Kyrgyz State Medical University (KSMU) in Kyrgyzstan are highly qualified and experienced professionals in their respective fields. They play a crucial role in providing quality education and training to the students. The faculty at KSMU includes professors, associate professors, and teachers who are dedicated to ensuring a high standard of teaching and mentoring.

    The professors at KSMU possess extensive knowledge and expertise in their specialized areas of medicine. They bring years of experience and practical insights to the classroom, offering valuable perspectives and guidance to the students. Their expertise allows them to effectively deliver lectures, conduct practical training, and facilitate discussions on various medical topics.

    Additionally, KSMU also has associate professors who contribute significantly to the academic environment. These faculty members have advanced degrees and considerable experience in their fields. They actively engage with students, providing mentorship and guidance throughout their academic journey.

    The teaching staff at KSMU are committed to excellence in education and are dedicated to the intellectual and professional development of their students. They employ various teaching methods, including lectures, interactive sessions, case studies, and practical demonstrations, to enhance the learning experience and ensure comprehensive understanding of the subject matter.

    Many faculty members at KSMU are actively involved in research activities. They participate in research projects, collaborate with other institutions and researchers, and contribute to advancements in the field of medicine. Their research findings are often published in prestigious national and international journals, adding to the body of medical knowledge and fostering an environment of academic inquiry and innovation.

    Overall, the faculty members at Kyrgyz State Medical University bring a wealth of knowledge, experience, and dedication to their roles. Their expertise, commitment to teaching, and involvement in research activities contribute to the academic excellence of the university and the development of competent medical professionals.

Fee Structure of Kyrgyz State Medical University, Kyrgyzstan 2023-24

MBBS in Kyrgyzstan have long been known for being an affordable option for medical students. In particular, the Kyrgyz State Medical University stands out as a top choice due to its reasonable fee structure in comparison to other prestigious medical universities around the world. Aspiring medical students who wish to pursue their education at Kyrgyz State Medical University can expect to pay a comparatively lower fee without compromising the quality of education they will receive. This has made it an attractive option for students who are seeking an excellent medical education at an affordable cost.

Fee Hostel Mess
$4500/Year $500/Year $1200/Year

Course Duration of Kyrgyz State Medical University, Kyrgyzstan

The MBBS program at the Kyrgyz State Medical University in Kyrgyzstan has a duration of 5 years for academic study, followed by a mandatory 1-year internship. The academic study period of 5 years focuses on providing students with a comprehensive understanding of various medical subjects and preparing them for their future medical practice.

Upon completion of the 5-year academic curriculum, students are required to undergo a 1-year internship is free of cost. This internship is an essential part of the program as it allows students to gain practical experience in a real medical setting. During the internship, students work under the guidance of experienced professionals, applying their theoretical knowledge in practical scenarios. The internship period helps students develop the necessary clinical skills, professional competence, and confidence required to excel in their medical careers.

The internship at Kyrgyz State Medical University is provided free of cost, allowing students to gain valuable hands-on experience without any additional financial burden. It is a crucial phase of their medical education, bridging the gap between theoretical knowledge and real-world practice.

The 5+1 year MBBS program, including the mandatory internship, offered by Kyrgyz State Medical University in Kyrgyzstan, is designed to equip students with a well-rounded medical education and prepare them to become competent and successful medical professionals.

Indian food in Kyrgyzstan

In Kyrgyzstan, Indian food is readily available and easily accessible for those who enjoy the flavors of Indian cuisine. This is primarily due to the significant number of Indian students studying in Kyrgyzstan and the subsequent demand for Indian food options.

Within the university campus, particularly in the mess or dining facilities, Indian food is offered to cater to the taste preferences of the students. This ensures that Indian students can enjoy familiar and satisfying meals while studying abroad.

Moreover, beyond the campus, there are markets and restaurants in Kyrgyzstan that specialize in Indian cuisine. These establishments provide a wide range of Indian dishes, from traditional favorites such as biryani, curry, and tandoori dishes to popular snacks like samosas and pakoras.

These Indian food outlets strive to maintain authenticity and quality in their preparations, using traditional spices and cooking techniques. They offer a diverse menu that can accommodate various dietary preferences, including vegetarian and non-vegetarian options.

Whether you are an Indian student studying in Kyrgyzstan or simply someone who appreciates the rich and flavorful taste of Indian cuisine, you can easily find Indian food options to satisfy your cravings in Kyrgyzstan

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MBBS Eligibility Criteria

  •   To be eligible for admission into an MBBS program, students must have completed their 10+2 education with Physics, Chemistry, and Biology as their core subjects, and scored a minimum of 50% marks (40% for reserved categories).
  •   The student must also be at least 17 years of age.
  •   However, meeting the aforementioned criteria alone is not enough to secure admission into an MBBS course. The student must appear for an exam conducted by NTA (National Testing Agency), which is the NEET Exam.
  •   It is important to note that since 2016, state-level or university-level examinations for admission into MBBS and BDS courses have been banned by the Supreme Court. Therefore, admission into MBBS courses is solely based on NEET Exam scores.
  •   Now, all the admission into MBBS course is through NEET Exam.
  •   Additionally, candidates may be required to submit a medical certificate at the time of admission, stating that they are not affected by any contagious diseases.

We offer special assistance to MBBS students, which includes:

  •   Visa assistance: We provide help in the visa application process to ensure a smooth and hassle-free process for our students.
  •   Flight ticket arrangement: We assist in arranging flight tickets for our students to ensure they arrive at their destination safely and on time.
  •   Pre-departure guidance: We offer pre-departure guidance to our students, which includes advice on what to pack, what to expect upon arrival, and other important information to ensure a smooth transition.
  •   Money exchange guidance: We offer guidance on currency exchange to help our students manage their finances effectively while studying abroad.
  •   Airport pick up and drop service to university/hostel: We provide airport pick up and drop off services for our students and arrange their accommodation in university/hostels.
  •   Hostel arrangement: We assist our students in finding suitable accommodation in university hostels.
  •   Indian food availability and local support on the university campus if any problem occurs: We ensure that our students have access to Indian food and provide local support on the university campus in case of any issues.

The MBBS admission process includes the following steps:

  •   Research and choose a suitable college/university: We help our students in researching and selecting a suitable college or university based on their preferences and academic goals.
  •   Check eligibility criteria: We ensure that our students meet the eligibility criteria for the selected university or college.
  •   Apply for admission in MBBS university using website: We assist our students in the application process by providing them with the necessary guidance and support.
  •   Registration (university process): We ensure that our students complete the registration process for the selected university or college.
  •   Get an admission letter (university process): We help our students obtain an admission letter from the university or college they have applied to.
  •   Invitation letter from the selected university: We assist our students in obtaining an invitation letter from the selected university or college.
  •   Documentation (translation, apostille, medical): We help our students with the necessary documentation, including translation, apostille, and medical documents, to ensure a smooth admission process.

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